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Through extensive and long lasting partnerships ABF Systems acquired  large production capacity and an excellent reputation.

Hartland, Wisconsin-based Dorner Mfg. Corp. is a world leading conveyor manufacturer in not only the design, but manufacturing and distribution of conveyors and related equipment. Since 1973, companies from around the world have turned to Dorner conveyors for greatly improved efficiency and productivity.

ABF Systems Inc.’ partnership with Dorner means the capability to offer unique solutions for unique applications with standard products and with very short delivery time. Call us for your transportation and transfer needs
or any conveying application.

ABF Systems Inc. is proud to be the authorised system builder for Flex Link with reference to the plastic chain modular conveyors XS - XL - X85 - XH - XK - XB as well as the most elaborate aluminium profiles program. 

ABF Systems is also an integrator for the pallet based assembly conveyors, the modular XL - X85 - XK - XT Line.

ABF Systems Inc. established solid business partnerships with some of the technologically most advanced and world leaders in the material handling industry for totes, cartons, unit loads and individual pieces. High speed sortation and accumulation, conveyors and transfers provide the customers with safe, efficient and energy wise systems. Automated storage and retrieval systems are all state-of-the-art engineered by TGW Ermanco.

ABF Systems Inc. offers a complete solution with the unit loads and pallet conveyors from Omni Metalcraft. Belt conveyors, belt driven and chain driven roller conveyors, turn tables and right angle chain transfers are available as standard or custom designed items.

Jantec is ABF Systems Inc.’ preferred supplier for power belt turns. Solid plastic modular belts and plastic belts with unique PRN Pinch Roller, Nose Roller feature allows positive belt drive with no tension and for small part transfers. 3/8" dia transfer rollers make possible the transfer of small delicate food products or electronic parts.

Nestaflex conveyors expand, contract, flex and move. For ease of operation and floor space optimisation Trough Nestaflex, ABF Systems inc. offers the perfect solution in packaging, case packing, taping and strapping as well as shipping areas.

PPM Technologies is a leading supplier of integrated food processing solutions. At ABF Systems Inc., we integrate some of PPM Technologies technologies such as horizontal motion conveyors and buffers, vibratory conveyors  as well as liquid and powder ingredients systems in our full solutions for your bulk process and handling needs.

Our line of full automatic case formers with Pin Pick-Up positive case opening system is extremely reliable and accurate. The forming is achieved by pinning the flutes of the corrugated, eliminating the various problems that case formers equipped with suction cups generate. Set-up time between formats is done in a few minutes using real dimension indicators on hand wheels.

Our machines are available both with Glue or Tape.

Jervis B. Webb Company is a global leader in providing durable material handling systems.  ABF Systems is a selected partner with Jervis B. Webb offering the complete line of chain conveyors including 3”, 4” and 6” power only and power & free conveyors, along with hand-pushed trolleys, Unibilt® enclosed track, Unibeam™, and Towveyor® towline conveyors.

Recent technologies include:
Flexible and cost-effective SmartCart Automatic Guided Carts that move materials around a warehouse or assembly plant. New options include roller conveyors, counterbalanced forks and customized carriers.

Revolutionary SmartLoader Automatic Trailer Loading vehicle that can automatically load and unload trailers and stack pallets with pinpoint accuracy. New models can move loads from 1,500 to 6,000 pounds and include single, double and single with side shift fork options.

The widest selection of Automatic Guided Vehicles, including AGVs that can move loads up to 125 tons.

Conveyor systems with Slip-Torque® technology that will accumulate, flip, stack, rotate, push, divert or index your products between manufacturing processes. 

Washdown and food grade applications with direct contact with food.

ABF systems works in a tight relation with Avrex Canada inc. as they are a reliable source for the Flex Link aluminium profiles for guarding, framing and ergonomic worktables.

ABF Systems Inc.considers Maestro Automation Inc. as its preferred supplier for the engineering, the automation and the integration of its systems. For the simplest projects as well as the most elaborated systems.


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